Ten Month Series – 2022


2022:   10-MONTH HERBAL STUDIES PROGRAM  with  Allison Poklemba & Jessica Shepherd



February 16,17:           Greeting each other and the plants, History of Herbal Medicine,  Materia Medica & Herbal Therapeutics for the Nervous System

March 16,17:               Materia Medica and Herbal Therapeutics for the Digestive System, Percolation Method of tincturing + Materia Medica & Herbal Therapeutics for the Liver

*April 13,14:                Basics of Plant Taxonomy and an herb walk to Samoa Dunes with Allison Poklemba,   Using herbs with children

*May 11,12:                 Camping field trip to Petrolia to harvest seaweed, wild oats and swim in the river.  We’ll meet Saturday at 9:30am in Petrolia at the A.W. Way Campground.

June 22,23:                  Exploring the Flower Essence system of healing,                                    Herbs for the Reproductive System 

July 19-21:                   Field trip to Southern Oregon to visit HerbPharm, Pacific Botanicals.   NOTE:  Depart Friday 1.00 PM from Arcata, return around 7:00 PM Sunday.          

August 17,18:              Materia Medica and Herbal Therapeutics for the Skin, Muscles and Bones,    Aromatherapy with Jessica Shepherd

September 14,15:        Materia Medica and Herbal Therapeutics for the Urinary System,  Materia Medica and Herbal Therapeutics for the Respiratory System

 October 19,20:            Hike through Fern Canyon – meet at 9:00 am,                                      Herbal Therapeutics for Natural Immunity

*November 9,10:        Medicine Show, Project Presentation, Graduation celebration,      Overnight: 10am Saturday to 5pm Sunday
Please note this is the second weekend of the month!

*Denotes that class is not held on the 3rd weekend of the month

Location: Dandelion Herbal Center — 4803 Greenwood Hts. Drive, Kneeland, CA 95549. 

Class meets (unless otherwise noted) from 10 AM to 4 PM. Please arrive at 9:45.  Our schedule will naturally evolve as we do, so be prepared for some changes in content.

Tuition: $2,845.00 includes all instruction, samples of products made, and Rosemary Gladstar’s home study course, “The Science and Art of Herbalism”, and membership to United Plant Savers.

Assistant: TBA

MORE DETAILS: Most every class includes field identification of wild and cultivated herbs, harvesting, medicine making, herb gardening tips, and wild food harvest and ingestion.

Prerequisites for 2022 session:  

Beginning With Herbs
 class, or the equivalent and a passionate desire to learn plant medicine!

BWH classes available:

Fall 2021 with Jane: September 15 – November 3

Winter 2022 with Allison & Jessica: Starting late January. Dates TBA