Spicy Cider

WE GOT IT  DONE for Fire Cider!!!

Make Your Own Spicy Cider:
Heat & Stimulate the Body
with an Antimicrobial Action

What we call “Spicy Cider” is just another term for Fire Cider, a traditional remedy that has been used in a myriad of forms by herbalists for centuries.
There are as many versions as there are herbalists, but it generally contains garlic, onions, horseradish, ginger and chili peppers with a sweet element added in. It heats and stimulates the body with an antimicrobial action and is most used during cold and flu season.
Fire cider has become quite the hot topic currently as a single large company has decided to trademark the name of this old remedy and has been suing herbalists and small business owners who have been making and selling their own version of it long before the company in question.

Here’s our recipe!
Spicy Cider

3   onions
2   bunches parsley
2   6” horseradish roots
15 cayenne pods
4   garlic bulbs
2   6”x 3” ginger root

Chop up and put in a gallon jar. Cover with apple cider vinegar and a little honey or glycerine. Shake daily. Strain after 2-4 weeks and enjoy! Recommended use: 1-2 dropperfulls orally 3-4 x per day or as needed to help support immune system function.
It can lose a bit of heat over the course of about 6 – 8 months. Add cayenne powder as desired to increase heat.

Note: Does not need refrigeration.