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Dandelion Herbal Center-indoor classroomDandelion Herbal Center offers classes and field trips for herb students ranging from the beginner interested primarily in basic herbal crafting techniques to advanced students seeking to enhance their careers in complementary medicine.

Jane’s lifelong love affair with medicinal plants finds a perfect setting here in the magnificent coastal mountains of Northern California. From pristine tidepools to lush wetlands and the sacred majesty of local redwoods, we are blessed with a glorious abundance of herbs to admire and study.

Jane Bothwell has lovingly photographed over 40 plants, carefully labelled them with their common as well as botanical names.  Our hope is that you enjoy seeing and identifying the many plants that you encounter in your outdoor adventures.  You are encouraged to research and learn the many characteristics and benefits of each one.   CLICK HERE TO BEGIN YOUR VIRTUAL HERB WALK!

The school is located adjacent to Jane’s home near Arcata, California. When Jane herself isn’t teaching, she hosts an exciting array of guest teachers.

Click here for the Dandelion Herbal Center 2013 Ten-Month Herbal Studies Video

Past teachers at the
Dandelion Herbal Center
have included:

Rosemary Gladstar
Cascade Anderson-Geller
Candis Cantin
Mindy Green
and more to come
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We are dedicated to furthering and preserving herbal traditions and teaching ecological ways to cohabit the world.

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"Dandelion Herbal Center is one of the best trainings for those who truly want to touch the body and spirit of herbs.

Director-Herbalist, Jane Bothwell, brings decades of knowledge and a wisdom that can only be borne from direct, and deep, connections with the Earth. Jane walks her talk and it shows in her program."

Cascade Anderson Geller, Herbalist, Portland, Oregon